My very “foolish” boss, Justin Carpenter founder of Foolish Things Coffee Company, has bravely given me the reigns in pioneering this blogging expedition and must I say he is a man of great faith. My name is Nicole Donohue, and I happened to luckily trip into this caffeine ridden field nine months ago when I sought out my white chocolate soy latte (rolls eyes) in the land of Northwest Arkansas and fell upon a shop that dared to call itself a lab. Co-founder Andrea Allen hired my 18-year-old inexperienced self-looking as if I probably owned a Starbucks rewards card (did own one). In spite of that she gave me the opportunity to jump-start my career at Onyx Coffee Lab. At first, the specialty coffee industry seemed a lot like what I imagine Hogwarts looked like to the mundane. There were a bunch of terms, tricks, methods, and even special events where these coffee wizards got together to battle for latte art supremacy. I was utterly intimidated but the Cupid of Coffee had already struck me with his arrow. Then I was hooked, therefore my passionate affair with the specialty coffee industry began.

                Adventure brought me to Arkansas but family (mostly my cat) brought me home. My love for coffee endured however, leading me to Foolish Things Coffee Shop in the heart of downtown Tulsa. With three months of experience in the coffee industry, and yet to even steam a pitcher of milk or pull a shot of espresso, Justin Carpenter decided to add me to his coffee shop family. A new passion was born within me as his love for Tulsa, local business, and craft drinks gave me an entirely fresh perspective of what an impact a little coffee shop can have on its community. Suddenly, it became less about coffee and more about the people. Caffeine fueled bean based drinks may be why we are here, but this desire to improve and unite our environment is the greater task, and I believe a simple cup of coffee can be the tool to do just that (your turn to roll your eyes). Thus, a heavy focus on what we can do for our community, how we can benefit other local shops, and ways we can share our love for Tulsa to others is our mission. So you all are stuck with me, an aspiring journalist who likes to wear the title of barista, is your guide. Yoda to your Luke Skywalker or Gandalf to your Bilbo Baggins as we embark on this adventure to explore downtown Tulsa, passionate roasters, talented artist, and most of all fine coffee.

Stay tuned because there is something so cold and delicious rising up in Tulsa that it is downright dangerous and I have the inside scoop!