So it’s been a little while since we last posted to the blog (almost 4 years in fact) and we have decided to reboot it!  There is so much going on now at Foolish Things and rather than jam up our entire shop with random info cards, we thought it time to turn to this more appropriate outlet. While we’ve seen many  changes we’ve also been able to distill our identity down to one succinct phrase: pursuing excellence in craft and hospitality.  This is the noble mantra we pursue, but it is tempered with the name Foolish Things.  That name is what keeps us grounded; without it we could easily float off to the realm pretentious and snobbish coffee shops.  We want to have a good time and we want you to join us.  The more the merrier right??

So it is through this lens we approach our blog.  we not only hope to go down the rabbit hole of the craft of coffee and our relation to it, but we also will celebrate the people across the city and country who are doing incredible things the right way.  We’ll introduce our staff, our roasters, and even some bad ass companies you need to check out.  Hope you enjoy… and even if you don’t, this is cathartic for us, so we’re going to keep doing it.

–  Justin (Founder of Foolish Things Coffee Co.)