A struggle we have found in the specialty coffee industry is the knowledge gap between the customer and the barista. At Foolish Things we desire to make fine coffee an understandable craft that anyone can enjoy. Through this aspiration, a grand idea was bornto formulate a schedule of caffeine fueled classes that are welcome to all. From the pure basics of brewing methods to all that background history of the bean before it becomes liquid in your cup, we wish to quench your thirst for coffee education!

On August 9th at 6:30 p.m. we will be holding our first class in our darling little shop, hosted by one of the region's most skilled baristas, our very own James Markiewicz with pour overs as the topic on hand. For around an hour we will do our best to enlighten our guests on the method of brewing that we use in house, formulating a cup of coffee that is light, developed, and flavorful. But to fully appreciate that cup of coffee a follow up class that explains the vast care that goes into those freshly roasted beans is necessary.

It is no secret that we at Foolish Things are huge fans of Onyx Coffee Lab, and their owner Jonathan Allen has been gracious enough to join us on August 26th at 6:30 p.m. to give some insider details. Be inspired by Jon’s passion for coffee and find yourself captivated by the care that is taken in the industry. Experience a delicious brew on a deeper level than normal, as appreciation and knowledge gives your favorite morning drink a new meaning.

If you have found yourself interested in the trade that we at Foolish Things have made our careers, you can sign up at http://www.foolishthingscoffee.com/classes/. We look a forward to sharing our passion with you all, and sending each of you home with a bag of beans to keep your love for coffee well supplied for the rest of the week!


P.S. We here at Foolish Things adore a party! If you wish to celebrate with us visit Foolish Talk later this week to hear us plead our case on what makes our venue so special.