Today the shop seemed to sparkle, holiday cheer swelled within, and every employee seemed to ooze with cheer. Why, you may ask? Because today at our little shop a coffee elf (you may know him as the UPS guy) swung his sleigh into our drive and delivered a most beloved gift, coffee samples. My fellow coworkers dashed about like children on Christmas morning as we prepared to brew ourselves a spectacular cup, and these fine specimen happen to be from Case Coffee Roasters all the way from the North Pole (Ashland, Oregon)!

              Tim and Kati Case opened Case Coffee Roasters in 2006 when these two twenty-one year old lovebirds took a gamble and bought a vintage 1950’s roaster off Craigslist. Quickly, upon entering the industry their passion was ignited for sourcing coffee, basically they love traveling the world tasting incredibly fresh coffee and helping local farmers thrive (sounds terrible). Mrs. Case explained that this is how they remain loyal and ensure quality “with care and education of where the coffee comes from,” so the travel is truly just a perk. Gifts from secret Santa’s is just one of the many perks we in the coffee industry get year around.

                Foolish Things is a multi-roaster coffee shop, meaning that we get to serve and enjoy coffees from different roasters all over the country. This adds diversity and excitement to the shop, compelling our customers to try something new one cup at a time. Receiving these glorious little gifts gives us the opportunity to truly experience firsthand how unique the industry is, as each roaster differs from the other. Our secret Santa loves “sweet, clean, and complex coffee” (drools a little), and with a mouth full of delicious coffee we are grateful.  

 “Integrity and care are put into every step along the way, from cherry to cup.” – Case Coffee Roasters


P.S. Coffee elves will be delivering more Case Coffee samples to us next week and you can find them on our featured coffee list in the shop, be ready to salivate!