We have been so excited with all the progress that has been taking place at Foolish Things! There are roughly 6 weeks until we open for business. We can’t wait to start serving high quality coffee and food to our neighbors and start making great friends! We want to share what has been taking place over the past few weeks!

Before the new concrete could be poured our sub contractors roughed in the plumbing and electric. The cutout below is the plumbing for the coffee bar.

They have also leveled the floor by pouring the new concrete. Below is prep work right before the concrete was poured.

The newly poured concrete, shown below, now makes all the floor surfaces even! The final step of the flooring will be done in the next two weeks. It includes grinding the concrete to expose the aggregate and then sealing it.

The most exciting part of this phase of construction has been seeing the framework go up! They have put up the framing for the kitchen and the bar…take a look!

We hope you have a great week and we can’t wait to share round 3 of construction in the coming weeks!